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The Great Big Blog On Ice Breaker

So this May I’ll be attending my 2nd Blog On MSI blogging conference.

It’s up here in the North West and is a very friendly blogging event, it’s not so big you get lost of overwhelmed but there’s great sessions and people. I struggle to class myself as a proper ‘blogger’ I seem to have enough time for it all but I left last year inspired with a case full of goodie bags and just as many new friends.

This time there’s a blog linky over at Chelsea Mamma so we can all have a chance to get to know each other a bit better with a fab fun set of questions.

A lot of my blogging and diary keeping at the moment involves video this year and I’m trying to come out of my comfort zone so I decided to film my answers, below is the video! Eek!


See you all in May

7 thoughts on “The Great Big Blog On Ice Breaker

  1. Oh my life, that is just BRILLIANT! You’re fabulous – and I’m surprised that you couldn’t hear me roaring with laughter at your “I’m just normal” comment… You are a comedy genius xxx

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