A Tiring Week.

This week has dragged.

I worked from home on Tuesday, woke thinking Wednesday was Thursday. I knew it was going to be a long week from then. Its taken forever to get to today, Friday.

I have been tired.

For no reason in particular

There’s been no rushing around or a need to be anywhere apart from work or home.

Mornings and evenings have been normal.

But I have been tired.

Maybe it’s the change in the weather.

So tired I kept falling asleep on the sofa before 8. Before Lily had gone to bed.

I’ve not been able to keep my eyes open.

It could be because I’ve got this cough and a cold. Again. Sneaking back into my life, unwanted and uninvited.

I’m barking like a wolf hound and snoring like a wart hog.

Because of the snoring & coughing I’ve kept myself downstairs, sleeping on the sofa. So Chris can rest properly. He needs to rest, he doesn’t want me sleeping on the sofa but I know I’d keep him up all night with the snoring and I can’t have him sleeping on the sofa. Not when he needs to rest.

Coughing is exhausting.

My sleep hasn’t been that interrupted, I’ve probably slept more this week than I have in a long time but maybe I’m not as settled on the sofa as I let myself believe.

Tiredness leads to grumpiness.

I have tried not to let the tiredness affect my mood but its hard and it has.

I have been ok, just sleepy.

Maybe I’m missing chocolate,

I have not been as upbeat as I should have. I have had a short fuse with the kids, and I have not helped Mr C as much as I could. Although sometimes I don’t know how to help.

So as well as tired I felt guilty.

Guilty for bringing everyone down when I should be the one building them up. Showing them the light.

I have been wallowing in glumness and I have been tired.

Now it is the weekend and I’m ready to chalk this week off as a bad do.

I’m ready to rest, to enjoy, to spend time with friends and family.

Ready for cake on Mothers Day. I have dropped enough hints.

Ready to snuggle my treasures and gain energy just from being with them.

Then next week I will be refreshed, rested and ready.

To face the world again.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “A Tiring Week.

  1. My darling, no one can be upbeat all the time. Let alone the cough, the children and working, you have so much worry on your shoulders.
    So sleep and try beechams all in 1 medicine. I have a shot of that when I can’t sleep-even when I don’t have a cold. Lots of love xx

  2. You have to take these feelings on board and not push them down, you have a lot in your plate but you’re not super woman! You’re allowed to feel like poop, to feel a bit down and beaten and then pick yourself up like you know you can 🙂 I hope you have a lovely weekend, I vote snuggles pj’s and sofa! Ok and cake 😉 get well soon all my love to you guys x

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