Thanks for being D*cks

Chemo weeks are tough.

Stating the obvious!

They’re bloody horrific for Chris, and I don’t ever, ever dream of comparing how tough they are for me to what he goes through. They are nowhere near the same level.

For me they’re mentally as well as physically tiring.

I spend the week very tense, although I only realise how tense I am when I feel the relief of Chris feeling better when he’s home after a few days.

Tension leads to frowning and lots of resting bitch face.

During the weeks Chris is in hospital I drive into work. My office is in the city centre so it takes me 15 minutes from there to get Christies, much easier than the hour (depending on traffic) journey from home.

It means me setting off mega early, well I leave the house at 6:30, so I don’t get stuck in horrendous traffic on the M6 and can get to work for a decent time.

There is always a queue of traffic as I get to the end of the motorway and get onto the main dual carriage way leading into Manchester.

I’ll admit when I get to this point of my journey I am pissed off and it shows all over my face. I hate traffic, I’m not a fan of driving in and having to concentrate for so long and I just want to be sat at my desk so I can do my work and then get to the hospital.

One day on my way in, as I was alternating between crawling along at 2 miles an hour and at a standstill, I glanced across from staring straight ahead and noticed a car in the lane next to me a couple of cars up. I noticed it because not only was it full of men, well lads (they looked to be on their way to work at a building site or something) all the windows in the car were open, even though it was quite chilly, and one of the lads was hanging out of the window singing at the top of his voice.

Resting bitch face I thought to myself what a bunch of Dicks.

As the traffic moved along the road and through traffic lights I ended up virtually next to the car. That’s when the serenading started, I had glanced over and they had noticed, there were 3 lads in the back all leaning out of the window singing along to the radio loudly in my direction.

It made me smile, not because of the attention or the serenading, they were doing it to everybody, but because these lads who were on their way to work and clearly embarrassing their mate who was sat in the passenger seat with his head in his hands avoiding eye contact, were not letting the fact that they were stuck in traffic (yet again probably) ruin the start to the day.

They were going to hang out of the window, sing along to the radio and get to work not pissed off at the world but in a good mood after having a laugh on the journey in.

The were enjoying life and they didn’t care who knew about it!

So thanks lads, whoever you may be, for making me smile on my way to work during a really shitty week.

Thanks for helping me not be pissed off at the world.

Thanks for reminding me that although not often easy, I should try to start my day with a smile.

Thanks for being a bunch of Dicks.

Don’t ever change.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for being D*cks

  1. It’s so funny that we don’t realise what little things we do can affect others so much. Yey for being dicks! X

  2. Love that this post was nothing how I thought it would be! A great way to start the day singing like knob ends yey!

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