I would choose you every time

To You,

It’s getting harder

This life of ours.

We have been swept up in this storm for so long

Carried along at break neck speed from day-to-day

Month to month

Year to year

Given no time to second guess what’s coming.

No time to take a moment.

Take stock of what’s going on

To just be, still.

A stark realisation we are chasing time is taking it out of you

Of us.

There is no sign of let up

There will be no winners post.

We know this will never get easier

No matter how much we want it to

How much we might dream.

We are tired.

This is not the life we had planned

No one imagines this kind of shit

No one expects it to happen to them.

I want you to know

Need you to know.

Even if from the beginning

From the very moment I met you

We knew this was planned for you

For us.

I would still choose you.

I would choose you every time.

You showed me what it is really like to stand in the light

You have made me a better person

You lifted me up and encouraged me to soar

Without you I would never have known what true happiness is

What it feels like to be loved without conditions.

You give me the confidence to be the best version of myself

You make me want to take on the world

Change it for the better

Although I’m not quite sure how yet.

You give me the strength to carry on

My favourite moments have been with you

With you by my side.

My favourite memories have you in them

Time spent with you.

You have given me the 2 most amazing (most of the time) loving children.

No one makes me laugh like you do.

Even when I’ve not quite liked you, lets face it sometimes you can be a bit of a knob, I have always loved you

My lobster.

I would live our lives over and over

Even knowing the hardships and heartbreak

I would choose you every time

Until the end of time

And always

Love Me

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

9 thoughts on “I would choose you every time

  1. Look forward to your blog makes me very humble when I moan about the little problems in life to see how you deal with all that has been thrown at you

  2. Crying as I read these beautiful words. You are an amazing family. Lots of love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ah this is a heartbreaking read you are the most beautiful person Becky none of you deserve this shit, I know nobody does but I hate seeing you all go through it even though somehow you manage to inspire everyone around you x

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