A Nissan Cherry

They knew that time was not on their side

That it wouldn’t be long.

They were trying to get things organised now

To make it easier for her then.

They were changing the car

He had suggested it.

She needed something smaller

Something just for her

She didn’t like driving the one they had, she thought it was too big.

It was a good idea

She just couldn’t bear to think about having something that wasn’t theirs

That he hadn’t been able to drive.

She didn’t want to think about something that they couldn’t share

She didn’t want anything that was just hers

It just didn’t seem right.

She went along with it, knowing it’s what he wanted for her.

It arrived, the car

A new Nissan Cherry

Was delivered and put straight into their garage.

She had no interest in it, no interest in using it.

He wanted to see

His energy was low, it was hard for him to get around

He would not be persuaded to stay in bed

‘I just want to have a look at it’

He wasn’t giving up

She helped him, took him to their garage to see it

‘That’s a good car for you’ he said

He had a look around

Sat down in the driver’s seat

‘Pass me the keys love’

Turning on the ignition he sat for a minute, letting the engine run

The garage fell quiet as he turned off the power to the car

He passed her back the keys.

‘Now love, it’s our car, not a car I’ve never been in, now I’ve had the chance to be in it.’

She helped him back to bed

Thankful he still knew how to make things a little easier.


In loving memory of Mave

Rest In Peace


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

5 thoughts on “A Nissan Cherry

    1. Thanks Steph, this is actually a story Chris’ Gran told me about her & his grandad. She sadly passed away yesterday & this story stuck with me. It kind of mirrors our life now though x

    1. Thank you, this is a story Chris’ Gran told me about her & his grandad, she sadly passed away yesterday & this story has stuck with me x

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