Square One

Ok, so you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts on this blog regarding training. Well that’s because I haven’t done any!

The last time I went out was the beginning of December with Jen, who is also doing the half marathon with me, it was icy but I was ok. We set off from Matts and ran down to mine, I ran 2.5 miles it took me 36 minutes. Jen ran back to Matts (2.5) and it took her 20!! I think I may be holding her back! I’ve not yet discussed the day of the run yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be walking on my own!

So basically I’ve ballsed up! I will be back to square one now, I’ve not even been out this year yet ’cause I’ve had tonsilitis!! And there is only 10 weeks to go! 69 Days! It’s ridiculous!

I also now realise I haven’t underestimated the length of the race I’ve overestimated my own ability! Seriously for some reason I think I can do this bloody thing! I don’t even want to back out even though I know it may damn near kill me! So I’m going to get back to it this week, it’s going to be intense and there’s going to be no excuses, weather can no longer be a factor. If it’s pissing down, I’m going to get wet, if it’s windy I’m going to get blown away, if it’s icy I’m going to go flying! You get the idea!! I have some new running gear so I have the gear now but still no idea!

I’m still determined to run/jog/walk but most definitely finish the half marathon no matter what, I just may be much much slower than other participants. I will finish it!!

So I’m starting this week with a new forced outlook! I need to remember why I’m running it, for Me 2 You, hopefully us runners can raise enough money to keep the charity going for longer and give us more time!

Training will make the day easier and I’ll do anything for an easy life!

Normal training blog to return this week!


To sponsor me please visit: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/rebeccacowley1.

It really will keep me going!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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