Who, What, Where?

My father in law, Malc, was a fantastic conversationalist.

He could talk to anyone.

His stories were brilliant. He’d have everybody listening, all of us sucked in, him holding court. Everyone felt better for being around him.

His jokes not always, you’d listen to the build up for ages and sometimes there wasn’t even a punchline.

He liked to get you to think, often playing devils advocate, he wanted to hear your views on things. He’d ask you questions, about anything to open a discussion. Most of the time everyone getting involved. He really wanted to know what you thought, he was never just playing lip service.

One of the most socially intelligent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Does that make sense, socially intelligent?

Mr C has that trait, if I’m going somewhere I’d like to have him at my side, he can talk to anyone with ease, involving them and making them feel welcome. His dad was the same.

One of Malcs favourite questions to ask, that never failed to get a conversation going was

‘If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party, alive or not, famous or not, who would it be and why?’

I’m sure most of you will have been asked this question, I know I have in one of these team building thingys at work.

You knew the question was coming, it was inevitable but I was never ready with an answer! Who would you ask, there was no restrictions you just had to know why you would invite them! Every time my mind would go blank! It’s not an easy question. There are endless possibilities and reasons for wanting them there, you had to think about the right mix of people. I can’t even remember my 3 now. I know one was Marilyn Monroe to find out what went on with all that Kennedy business. Being in my early 20s, I’m pretty sure I was trying to impress him with my interests in not just all things boy band or popular sports stars!

It didn’t help that he used to change the 3 people he would invite. Mr C thinks he used to change his 3 all depending on who he was with and what he wanted to get out of the conversation.  I could ask anyone who had the pleasure of being asked the question by him and I bet they would all remember a different person he’d given but they wouldn’t remember all 3. From Bob Marley, Mohammed Ali, George Best, Hitler, John Lennon, Churchill to his wife (if he was trying to get in her good books) he could always give a good reason.

This weekend me & Mr C watched Bones, it’s a programme based on the books by Kathy Reichs. It’s one of the few things we both like to watch. I won’t go into too much details but basically in the episode they were talking about time travel, what point in time they would go back to if they could, or who would they go back to see.

I asked Mr C, If you could go back where would you go. We decided you wouldn’t be allowed to change anything for the long run, just tweak some bits, as that would affect what had come in the future. You know, having this conversation as if time travel was possible.

Where would I go? Loads of things flashed through my head.

Would I go back to my teenage self and tell her to hang in there, to stand up for herself a bit, to feel less guilty about something she hadn’t done and that one day she wouldn’t have to put up with the shit ’cause someone will come along and that’ll be the person that will let you breath freely for the rest of your life.

Would I go back to my childhood self on a trip to Blackpool and tell her to go to the toilet before she got on the bouncy castle cause bouncing and laughter was only ever going to end in disaster!

Would I go back and tell the girl about to watch Saw 3 at the cinema that it is nothing like Seven, your friends are lying and you cannot un see that shit!!

There was too many to mention, I just don’t know where I would go!


Mr C scrunched his nose up and I knew exactly who he would go back to, not a particular time, a person.

I think I’d go back to him too.

So which 3 people would you ask to a dinner party and why? And if you could go back in time where or who would you go to?

In answer to your question Malc, my 3 people I’d invite to dinner:

Marilyn Monroe, a size 16 pin-up, doing it for the curvy girls, I really want to know what went on with all that Kennedy business!

Zac Efron, really who wouldn’t and I’m sure we could talk about acting or something!

My 3rd. My 3rd, would always be you.




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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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