At what age Mummy?

I thought I’d share with you a conversation I had with my little girl.

She’s 4 and has the most amazing, cheeky, thoughtful, loving, funny, inquisitive personality. She makes me laugh. A Lot. Sometimes it’s intentional, other times it’s with the little things she does and says. She is by NO WAY an angel. Sometimes, quite often, she drives me up the wall!!

We often have quite interesting conversations. I write down a lot of  the funny things she says and asks, I have a jar I keep them in so we can look back at them when she’s older, a teenager, on her 18th or 21st, when we’re introduced to her 1st boyfriend (at 30 if Mr C has anything to do with it!) at her graduation, on her wedding day,to use them to embarrass her as any good parent has the prerogative to do!

This particular conversation took place in the car on the way to breakfast club on Friday.

L: Yesterday Robert was allowed to play out with his friends after school.      (Robert is her cousin)

Me: When you’re a bit older you’ll be able to play out with your friends too.

L: When I’m 5?

Me: Probably not when you’re 5

L: When I’m 6.

Me: Not sure

L: When I’m 10?

Me: Oh Yes, at 10 you’ll be able to walk to the shop   (it’s at the top of the street)

L: When I’m 11 can I play out?

Me: When you’re 11, you’ll be walking to high school so yes.

L: I’ll be at high school at 11?

Me: Yes

L: Will I be at school at 16?

Me: Yes, you’ll be finishing school at 16.

L: What age will I be in year 3?

Me: 8

L What year will I be in year 5?

Me: 10

L: What age can I be to drive.

Me: 17

L: At 20 can I have a job

Me: Yes unless you stay and learn more at university.

L: Can I have my own house at 16?

Me: No

L: What about 35?

Me: Most Definitely!

L: Can I be a mummy at 35?

Me: Yes if you want

L: Can I go to work at 35?

Me: Yes

L: I think I’ll be a teacher and a mummy. Can you do both?

Me: Yes, you can.

L: Mummy how old do you have to be to grow a kid??

Me: *Laughter*

L: Mummy, How do you grow a kid?

Me: *more laughing* It’s a bit early for this conversation & we’re here now.

L: Mummy can you text daddy and ask him to remember my scooter after school.

Me: Of course I will.

I may share more of our little conversations. It’s quite amusing to have a peek at the workings of my 4 year olds mind!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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