White Lies

So I’ve decided that sometimes white lies are acceptable!

I don’t mean nasty mistruths that would hurt someones feelings or be just downright manipulative or designed to cause people harm. Lies like that are never acceptable.

For the record I don’t like lies in general. I’ve told lies in the past, I will tell you about that whole situation one day, and I learnt that no good will come from it.

I’m talking about little white lies.

Like when the kid is trying to steal the chocolate cake I’m eating and I tell her it’s got dirty beer in or if I’m running late I’m only ever 10 minutes away when it’s more than likely 20 or when Mr C asks me how much something has cost and I discount a fiver or so off it. Or when I ask Mr C if what I’m wearing make me look fat and he says no! I’ve looked in the mirror, I know what I look like, THIS IS A TEST!!

Sometimes white lies are needed. We all do it don’t we?

I decided I didn’t mind white lies this weekend.

The kid said she saw the tooth fairy!

It wasn’t her tooth, my friends little girls tooth had fell out after much wiggling. They were sharing a room in the caravan so we could stay up late chatting (drinking)

In the morning the conversation went like this:

‘I saw her, the tooth fairy’

Did you?

‘Yes, I saw her’

Really, what did she look like?

‘She looked like a little girl, she was pink all over, with glittery wings and glitter all over’

Oh right, how did she carry her coin?

‘She had a little girl with a her who had a magic bag with the coin in’ (said like I was the stupidest person ever)

You’re sure you saw the tooth fairy

‘Yes, I saw the tooth fairy’

I’ll be honest, at 1st I wasn’t sure how I felt about the conversation. This is a lie! An outright lie, I know it, she knows it, we all know it! But what an imagination! And I can’t exactly call her out on it can I!

I’m trying to retain her innocence for a long as possible, starting by telling her the tooth fairy doesn’t exist before she’s lost any teeth yet is not the best way to go about it!

I always encourage her to tell the truth, I can tell when she may be exaggerating when she’s telling me something that’s gone on. She’s a bit of a wind up merchant too. She once told me she’d eaten sandwiches for her dinner all week ’cause she knew it was winding me up when she’d actually had something hot to eat!

She’s insistent too, she’s repeated this tale of events several times.

I’m going to have to go along with it!

And who am I to tell her that she’s lying!

I mean I’ve never seen the tooth fairy!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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