Things I’d like to do 2014

I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions. I can never seem to stick to them. I’m also not a massive fan of the New Year, New Me resolutions. I quite like my life, although far from perfect I’m pretty happy with it and how I am, I also think that if you need to change something in your life you shouldn’t need to wait until the 1st January.

At the start of the year though it’s a great time to have a look at the small things you might want to try or change or do more of. I don’t want to change anything dramatically, 2014 is going to be a fairly busy year for us with baby number 2 on its way so my ‘Things I’d like to do’ are only small, making them achievable and I love a goal I can achieve.

So here goes:

1. Read More.

I love to read. I will read any genre of book, I like to lose myself in the story. I used to work a train ride away from home so would spend 2 hours a day on a commuter train giving me plenty of time to read. Now I work a quick 10 minute car journey away and haven’t seemed to be able to find the time. I end up spending my evenings engrossed in rubbish TV. At the moment I have a couple of books I have started over last year but haven’t got round to finishing, which is somethings I don’t like doing. I normally finish all the books I start even the ones I’m not really enjoying, I’m going to start with these. This year I’m going to put down the remote and pick up a book.

2. Cook More

Well, when I say more I really mean start to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I get by, just, but Mr C does the majority of the cooking in our house. I want us to start having proper Sunday family teas together, so to start off with Sunday will be my cooking day. I’m not looking to cook anything fancy or of Michelin star quality just good fresh cooked food and maybe puddings. I might even utilise one of the many cookery books currently collecting dust on top of my fridge.

3. Make Things

I’d like to start to learn a craft hobby, like knitting or sewing or crochet or something. I’m very envious of people who can make things. I have what seems like hundreds of pins on pinterest of things to do and upcycling to try. I’m sure I will find something I am good at, I just need to give a few things a try.

4. Keep in Touch

I know keeping in touch is a 2 way thing but I want to make more of an effort as I am rubbish, time just slips away and before I know it it’s been months before I’ve heard from people. It takes no time at all to send a quick text or email or even some post. One year I stuck to a resolution to send more post, I sent all my friends a piece of post every month that year. I don’t know about you but all I receive through the mail is bills and junk mail, it’s nice to get something personal and none bill related through your letterbox. I’m not saying I’ll have time to write every month but it’s nice to drop someone a line to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

5. Treat Me

I might not be able to do this one all the time but I want to try to do some things just for me. With number 2 on the way I will soon have even less ‘me time.’ I don’t mean to treat myself with expensive things, more like taking time to paint my nails, put on a face-mask, buy myself some flowers or persuade Mr C to let me have a lovely long lie in!

6. Pay It Forward

Have you seen the film Pay It Forward? If you haven’t you must, it’s a wonderful film, but have your tissues ready ’cause I cry every time I watch it. A little boy plans to change the world by doing good things for people but instead of asking for a favour back he asks for good deeds to be paid forward. I’m not trying to change the world nor do I expect anyone to pay it forward, but if I can do some nice things or good deeds for some people whether they be friends or strangers and make them think that there are still some nice things that go on in the world. Again I don’t mean expensive or big gestures, on Christmas eve I put too much time on my parking ticket so I gave the rest of the ticket to another couple who had just parked up saving them a couple of pounds. It’s things like this I’m thinking of doing.

7. Say Yes

I don’t mean to everything that is ever asked of me, more to the kid and I don’t mean so she will get away with what ever she wants. I mean if she wants to go out with a scarf wrapped round her head then why not. If she wants to wear her cinderella dress to the shops then so be it. If she wants to go outside in the rain, lets get wrapped up and get out into the fresh air. If she wants to play a board game no more in a minutes. If she wants to paint or craft or make things, no more not todays. I have been spoilt and lucky enough to have had 5 years of quality time with the munchkin, when her little brother or sister arrives it will be difficult to have just me and her time for a little while so I want to make sure we try to spend as much time together doing fun things as we can.

8. Declutter

I am a hoarder, if it wasn’t for Mr C I would probably live in a house that you couldn’t move for stuff, actually it’s not that far from looking like that now! We have a lot of stuff, junk mostly, and we are fast running out of room so this year more that ever I need to be brutal and make some space! This is not a fun thing to do but a necessity.

9. Remember Important Dates

Last year I was useless at remembering dates. I have no excuse, I have a pocket diary with birthdays and anniversaries in I was just never organised enough to get a card or message sent in time. This year I will remember and I’ll be more organised. Like I said before, it’s nice to get post that’s not a bill and it’s nice that someone would remember a special date of yours.

10. Get Out

I must admit, I’m pretty lazy. I often spend most of the weekend in my PJs. This can sometimes cause stir craziness for all at home. Last year we did a pretty good job of getting out of the house, not every week but often, travelling to the beach or a museum or the park. This year I want to try and keep this up.


So these are my things I’m going to try to do. Nothing that will change my life at all but some of them may make some happy, fun memories I can put in my memory jar, help me learn some new skills and take plenty of photos that this time next year I can look back on and smile.

What are your plans for 2014?

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