Love the Little Things #5

It’s been quite a stressful week over this way, with this post it’s given me a little look at the good things that have happened this week. Which, of course, is what it’s meant to do!

Here are my little loves for this week:


This week I read the very funny Mums on Strike by Laura Kemp. I follow Laura on twitter, her tweets always make me chuckle so I was really looking forward to reading this book. It’s one of my library books (sorry Laura, saving for the arrival of a new baby) and it really didn’t disappoint! It’s really easy to read and you can really relate to the plot and the characters, even me who isn’t very, how should I put it, domestically organised. I would definitely recommend this read!

photo (39)


So a little while ago our friends recommended The Wire to us. Yes I know we are very late viewers of this. Luckily it was on Sky demand, we watched the 3 series and then it went off! Mr C had not downloaded all of the episodes! Now it’s back on and he’s not making the same mistake again. This week has found us watching a few episodes of series 4 and I’m really enjoying it!


I have heard this song twice this week on the radio! Not very strange if it was currently in the charts but it’s not! I do really like this song so it has made me smile to myself. I heard it once on our way to the hospital for a specialist scan on Thursday and then once again yesterday (Friday) on my way into work after another trip to the antenatal unit. I’ve not worked out why I have turned on my radio twice in as many days on different stations and heard this song, I’m sure it’ll become clear in the long run.


On Sunday I made corned beef hash, I am not a very good cook, something I am working at changing so looked at a couple of recipes. I made it with beans and tomatoes in it, which I’d never heard of using before and it was yummy! We had some fresh tiger bread to go with it. The munchkin even said it was better than Nannys corned beef hash which was good enough for me!


These little peace sign earrings. I required a little bit of peace and calm towards the end of the week so thought I would wear my heart on my sleeve, well my peace on my ears!

photo (41)

And Finally

It was Mr Cs birthday on Friday so we went out and enjoyed a delicious tea! Mr C also loved the cards I’d ordered him from moonpig! The munchkin drew a family portrait inside! Even if they weren’t labelled I’m sure you could guess which one I am!!

photo (40)




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8 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #5

  1. We borrowed The Wire box set from a friend, and had it a year, but never got round to watching it, I miss having time to sit and get into a series.

    1. It has led to many a late night, watching when we both finally sit down! We have the 1st series of 24 borrowed from a friend we’ve never watched too.

  2. We love The Wire. A while ago More4 had it right from the beginning to the last ever episode every Friday night, so we Sky plus’ed and became completely hooked!
    Love your earrings, I really must get around to getting another hole in each ear, I’ve wanted to for years.
    Have a great week ss

    1. Thank you! We’re hooked on the wire too at the moment. I’ve had my second hole since I was 14, last year I was seriously considering a 3rd, got scared about the pain though xx

  3. My friend keeps telling me to watch The Wire, just another TV series that is sitting on the To Watch List at the moment though! I wonder if I could take a year off work to catch up? ;D x

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