Star Jumps!

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So the weather has been miserable, to say the least, so to cheer myself up I wanted to share this picture with you.

It was taken last August. We have a towing caravan, that we had stuck to taking it places that weren’t too far away from where we live, for long weekends at most. Last year we realised that we wouldn’t be able to afford to get on a plane to our holiday destination so we booked to go for a week to Devon, taking the caravan with us!

I will probably share a few more photos of our holiday as we had such a good time so I won’t tell you about everything we got up to here. We were really lucky with the weather, which stayed dry and sunny all week. Surprisingly we really enjoyed being in the caravan for a week too, it turned into a real home from home.

We set off at 4am to make the journey down, setting up a bed on the back seat for the munchkin trying to make the drive down the start of the adventure! She of course didn’t sleep at all and was awake for the whole 8 hours it took!

When we arrived the sun was shining, making it much easier to set up our home for the week. Once we were unpacked we stripped to our summer clothes, I had been optimistic and packed them, we sat enjoying the warmth. I love how being away in the caravan encourages us to be outside. I loved letting the munchkin run around in the field and exploring the little valley that was on the site, full of butterflies.

Here she stripped off her shoes and socks, one of her favourite scenes in a film is when Rapunzel touches her toes on the grass for the 1st time in Tangled. She felt the grass under her feet! She wanted to do a little show for us, always the performer when it’s just the 3 of us, so blew some bubbles, did some hula hooping and then finished it off with some star jumps!

She was so excited to finally be on holiday!




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One thought on “Star Jumps!

  1. That’s just brilliant Becky, what a wonderful post. Such a great photo too, she looks so happy dancing away on that grass with the sunshine in her hair. Thank you so much for sharing, look forward to hearing more #whatsthestory

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