365 Project, Week #7

So after a much better week it was much easier to get my pics for the week!

Here are my week in pictures:

Day 40

photo (53)

On Friday the munchkin got star of the week at school. The reward for getting star of the week is to take a stuffed Giraffe, named Giraffy, home for the weekend to take him with you on your travels and then write a diary entry about what they’d been up to. On Sunday, Mr C and the munchkin had a daddy daughter date and went to the pound showing of Turbo at the cinema. Afterwards I went to meet them both for dinner in pizza hut, where Giraffy enjoyed some bread sticks!

Day 41

photo (54)

Monday was back to school and work. The munchkin got wrapped up with her new snood as we looked out and the car was frozen over! Usually I’d start the car to defrost it before we got in it, but today the munchkin wanted to sit inside the car to see the ice.

Day 42


We’ve been fairly lucky with weather here really, it hasn’t stopped raining and the wind has been fairly bad, nothing like elsewhere in the country though. On Tuesday we had our 1st bit of snow fall. The munchkin was very excited about it. I’m trying not to say no, within reason, so when she asked if she could spend some time running around in the falling snow I said she could. She spent some time running around and twirling and catching the snow on her tongue and in her hands!

Day 43

photo (51)

Wednesday saw me attending a speed awareness course. I was caught for the 1st time in all my driving years, doing over the speed limit. I actually thought the speed limit on the particular road was 40 but it wasn’t. I actually learnt quite a lot and the four hours went quite quickly!

Day 44

photo (52)

The munchkin wanted to give her friends a little gift for Valentines day. Thursday evening saw me making keyrings for her friends under the watchful eye of the munchkin of course!

Day 45

photo (56)

All week Winstons Wish have been asking people to join in their Great British Brekkie event. I decided to organise a small event at work on Friday. I made toast for everyone in the office and asked them to donate as much or as little as they could! It was really successful and everyone seemed to enjoy their toast!

Day 46

photo (55)

Saturday we have done nothing! The weather was awful and I really couldn’t think of anything better than spending the day on the sofa with the munchkin watching films. So that’s what we did! The munchkin felt the baby kick yesterday and wanted to feel it again today. She spent some time cuddling up to me just waiting to feel a kick!


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8 thoughts on “365 Project, Week #7

  1. Your munchkin is adorable! How fun that she got to take Giraffy home and document their adventures together.

    Love the key rings you made! They are so cute and colorful.

    1. Thank you, she is a smiley soul!
      Apparently I didn’t make enough, even though she wrote the list, so I’ll be making more for her to take into school šŸ™‚

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