23 Weeks

So you know when you’re not worried and then someone says something to you and you get all paranoid. That’s happened to me today.

I’ve been enjoying the bump and love feeling baby move more and more. The munchkin felt him for the 1st time at the weekend, a little kick that moved her hand as she was resting it on my tummy, she’s been trying to feel him again ever since so I’ve had lots of cuddles and bump rubbing from her this week!

My glucose test results were normal, I don’t have gestational diabetes. It’s good news, I don’t have the added stress of checking my blood sugar levels or injecting myself with insulin daily, I can still eat cake, but I was also a little disappointed as this would have simply explained why the fluid is high. Now it’s still a mystery.

We had been offered an amniocentesis after the last scan as high fluid could indicate a genetic problem with the baby. After quite a lot of thought, research and discussion with Mr C we decided that regardless of the glucose test results, we were not going to have this procedure. At the last scan we had at the FMU the report said that the growth and anatomy of the baby was as normal and as it should be. At this stage in my pregnancy any results of an amnio wouldn’t make a difference. I didn’t feel that the stress I was sure to feel undergoing this procedure, the cramping and spotting I would experience in recovery and the risk of miscarriage was necessary to put myself through if the results wouldn’t change any decision we have already made. I still have to consider my blood pressure in all of this! I love this little guy and I want to keep him baking safe for as long as possible. The risk of losing him were just to high for us.

I am completely at ease with this decision, the paranoia is not from here!

I told the very nice midwife our decision when I rang her this afternoon with my results. She wanted to speak to the consultant to check if they want to see me back up in Manchester, it will be their decision to discharge me back into the care of my local maternity unit, and then she was going to ring me back. She hasn’t, so I’ll be ringing again in the morning!

This is where the paranoia began. She asked if I was feeling ok, which I am. If I felt any tightness, which I do, not all the time but every so often there is tightness. It’s not painful, sometimes a little uncomfortable if I’m sat awkwardly. I have felt this for some time and been reassured by my community midwife that it was normal stretching to make room for the baby. More recently I had put it down to the baby getting bigger and moving into unfamiliar positions. The midwife at St Mary’s didn’t sound worried and she was very nice, she just said that if I was concerned at any time or the bump suddenly grew to not wait and to get myself to the maternity unit.

Well I wasn’t concerned, I hadn’t really thought about it, or was trying not too. Now I am. Although I’ve been trying to control it all evening I may be convincing myself it feels tight constantly and it doesn’t! Now I’m paranoid! I know that there is a risk baby will come early, high amniotic fluid can bring on premature labour. It’s a worry of mine that was milling around in my brain but behind everything else, now it’s been brought right to the forefront of my thoughts!

I will be 24 weeks on Saturday. 24 weeks will be a big milestone to reach as the chances of survival for a premature baby increase after then and then better every week leading up to full term. I really don’t think baby is going to be making an appearance any time soon, but I will be keeping an eye on any changes in the way I’ve been feeling and taking anything unusual more seriously rather than putting it down to being normal. I suppose she just wanted me to be more aware.

It’s funny how a small comment in a conversation can do that to you.

Not worried, now worried. Not really thinking about it, now paranoid!

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7 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. Oh it’s so frustrating when that happens! I get it just from tiny passing comments like “oh cute isn’t he tiny”: suddenly paranoid the baby is dangerously underweight! Hope you can stop thinking about it and relax 🙂

    1. Thank you, I have to ring them today anyway so think I’ll just get her to clear up exactly what would be abnormal!! Hopefully I can relax for a few more weeks!

  2. I think you need to speak to the midwife and explain that she has made you paranoid. You should tell her that these questions without explanation are making you feel stressed and that’s not good for you either. Ask her if she is concerned and why. I agree not to having the amnio, if it’s not going to change your decision then why put yourself through the stress?

    1. I’ve got to ring her again today so will be asking her, I didn’t really think about why she was asking to question her when I was on the phone!
      I’m glad I’ve said no the the amnio, one less thing to be worried about x

  3. Even though this baby is my second I find that I still do nothing but worry..every little twinge gets me thinking! Silly really but like you, I just want the little one to bake as well and long as possible 🙂 x

    1. Same here! I really don’t think I worried half as much the first time round! Now everything has me thinking something might go wrong! Plus added ‘complications’ this time have just had everything at the forefront of my mind 🙂

  4. I think it is a tricky thing when you are pregnant because you worry every step of the way and do get paranoid at everything. I have to have a CVS when I am pregnant because of family complications. It is never an easy thing to do. Stay positive and may be explain your feelings. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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