24 Weeks

I made it to the mini milestone.

I’m 24 weeks!

Ok, so it’s a milestone I made up in my own head but I’m here!

I really didn’t think I would be this excited to reach this point, I mean I still have 16 weeks to go (which really isn’t that long at all – I have so much to do!) But it feels like a little weight has been lifted. Now I know he can just keep baking nicely and If he decides to make an early appearance (I still don’t think he will) then from now on, his chances are much higher and get better each week.

On Wednesday I took the munchkin swimming. This required the purchase of a new swimsuit to accommodate the bump and some major defuzzing, It’s still winter after all! It’s not that easy to defuzz areas that I can no longer see and quite frankly I’m struggling to reach! It was worth it though, not only did the munchkin have a great time. I also really enjoyed wallowing in water! It was instant relief. The bump was light and it really eased some of the heaviness I’d been feeling. I really didn’t want to get out!

I have an appointment to go back to see the consultant at St Marys again when I’m 26 weeks. I spent a little time on the phone to the midwife there.  I had been paranoid since she’d asked me about any tightening feelings and really wanted to talk through that with her. Apparently I will be able to easily distinguish between the tightening that would cause worry if it happened. It would be very tight all over my tummy and very uncomfortable, not like the pressure I have been feeling which is normal for growing and stretching. If I feel extreme uncomfortable tightening and my bump ‘pops’ or gets very large very quickly then I would need to make sure I am seen by someone. I feel much better knowing this now and I’m glad I spoke to her about it.

I’ve also seen the community midwife for my 24 week check. It was difficult for her to get a proper feel and she couldn’t hear babies heartbeat because of the extra fluid. She had a look through my notes and said that my placenta was also high and at the front, which is why Mr C hasn’t had many opportunities to feel him kicking. Everything softens the blows. I wasn’t worried I couldn’t hear the heartbeat today as he had been awake all morning, wriggling around whilst I was at work. I really don’t think he appreciates the way I sit up straight at my desk, I’m probably not giving him enough room! She gave my bump a measure too and I’m already measuring 26 weeks, which although is bigger than I should be, is understandable and she actually said it isn’t too bad.

I’m feeling rather positive at the minute. It’s getting increasingly difficult to bend down and I have a pillow to support bump in bed now but I’m thinking positive about the next few weeks. I’m still taking every day as it comes but each day that goes by smoothly brings a little smile to my face.

I’m linking this post over at www.vevivos.com for some #PoCoLo

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5 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. Awww how exciting that you’ve reached that mini goal of yours. Pregnancy is so scary isn’t it? I hardly relaxed at all during my own. I never bothered with swimming due to the need for a new costume and not being able to reach my “ahem” areas either! I would like to change that next time around.

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