A Letter to Santa – In Feb!

So this morning I solidified my membership in the bad mummys club.

On Sunday the munchkin wrote a letter to Santa!

I know!

Not a list though, a thank you letter. To say thank you for her gifts she had received at Christmas.

In February.

I have no idea either!

She put it on the fireplace, ’cause well, that’s where you put your letter to Santa, and went to bed.

I of course, forgot to move it.

Monday morning, she woke up and was excited to see if the letter had gone.

It had not.

I explained that maybe, as it was February, he was having a well earned rest somewhere warm. This seemed a logical explanation to the munchkin.

Tuesday morning, the 1st thing she said to me. I wonder if Santa has been for the letter.

That soon woke me up from my snooze.

Well of course he hadn’t, because I had forgotten.


I then suggested that she should bring her fairy door downstairs as maybe that would help, a fairy might collect it rather than Santa himself, if he was away.

So Tuesday night the fairy door was moved from her bedroom to the fireplace.

And honestly, you need to believe me, I really had every intention to move the letter last night, I really really did. I kept staring at it, thinking about what I would leave for her to find. I was really going to move it.

I didn’t, I forgot.


I hadn’t realised I had forgotten until she woke up this morning and asked me if I thought the letter had gone.

Well no, it hadn’t.

So I did what every good mother does. I roped Mr C into a lie. He told her he’d seen on the news that Santa was in Australia and would be back in the next couple of days!

Australia seemed like a good place for him to holiday this time of year! She was of course a little disappointed but understood he probably needed a holiday.

Tonight, I have remembered! I have also left a return letter from the big man, explaining he’d been away and the fairy who usually collects the letters has been poorly!


I’m sure she’ll buy that explanation!

At least I won’t go into a cold sweat in the morning when she emerges from her bedroom!

I am actually patting myself on the back for finally remembering the simple task of removing a letter from the fireplace!

Talk about baby brain.


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I love you so much you have a big beed (beard)

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8 thoughts on “A Letter to Santa – In Feb!

  1. Haha, at least you could come up with quite good explanations. “I roped Mr C into a lie”. Well, white lies like this to kids are quite sweet, they’re on the age of being… kids!
    I truly enjoyed the story ^^

  2. I have done this once too often. Now I put my bedside lamp on the floor, (random I know) so when I go to bed I say WTF? and so I remember. Mine never say thank you until they write their letter the following year!

    1. This is the 1st time she’s written anything to him in February, normally she’d leave it til her letter in December! The lamp idea is a great one! šŸ™‚ thanks for reading

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