365 Project, Week #9

We have spent most of the week getting back into the routine of school and work after half term. We’ve settled back in quite well but it has led to a week of random pictures, mainly of the munchkin and mostly involving eating out!

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 54


Sunday we got back from our little break in the lakes fairly early. We did some pottering around in the day and then decided we really couldn’t be bothered cooking so we went out for a Chinese!

Day 55


After a tiring 1st day back at work and school we had cuddles on the sofa before bed.

Day 56


I treated myself to some flowers last week and I was so pleased to see them still go strong. I love the smell of Lilies

Day 57


Wednesday the munchkin is at glee club after school so I’m able to just get there in time to pick her up. She requested McDonalds for tea and I was happy to oblige.

Day 58


More cuddles on the sofa after a nice bubble bath.

Day 59


On Friday I received some post from a friend! It was such a nice surprise! I love receiving and sending post, it’s always nice to receive something via royal mail that isn’t a bill! It really made me smile.

Day 60


Saturday was a busy one! Mr C had gone to London for a family party so it was just me and the munchkin. I had to pick something up that I had won on ebay and then nip to the shop with my friend so it felt like I was on my feet for quite a while before I actually sat down. When I did sit down I couldn’t stop thinking about Chicken Milanese from the Italian restaurant near us. It’s quite a posh restaurant and we haven’t been for quite some time. As I couldn’t stop thinking about this particular dish I decided Me and the munchkin would have a posh mummy and daughter date for our tea.


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