Hollys Home!

We have been missing a member of the household these past couple of weeks.


Holly is the munchkins most favourite teddy bear. She got her from build a bear for her 4th birthday. Holly comes everywhere with us. She is the choice of bear at every bedtime, if the munchkin has a sleep over Holly will go with her. She comes on virtually every trip out, even if she stays in the car and since she came home with us she has been on every holiday or break away.

2 week ago, Holly disappeared. It came to bedtime and we could not find her anywhere. Luckily, now she’s getting a bit older we were able to fob off placate the munchkin with another teddy.

The next day me and Mr C were most concerned about where she could have gone. The munchkin, well if I’m completely honest, she didn’t seem to give a shit her most favourite teddy was missing. Apparently it was ok because she had lots of teddies so it was ok! I was getting quite worried about me and Mr C who seemed to be quite worried about this stuffed bear and her whereabouts!

I was just confused, we took so much care of this bear to avoid such emergencies, that I just couldn’t understand where the bear had gone!

The longer she was gone, the more the munchkin missed her, she would ask if we had managed to find her yet. She would spend ages working out which stuffed animal she would cuddle at night in Hollys absence.

We had all but given up hope.

On Sunday we were going to a party and then to a Christening. The munchkin wanted to put some jewellery on, she goes into her bedroom and all of a sudden a shout came.

‘Mummy! I’ve found Holly!’

Turns out, the munchkin had put her in a cardboard box she had decorated with some books and her jewellery. She had forgotten she’d put her in there! We hadn’t thought to look in the box, well ’cause it didn’t look like it would fit her in!

Now Holly and the munchkin have been reunited. The munchkin was so excited to have Holly back with her again and I was glad too. The look on her face when she found her was magic and we had a little cheer together! It just showed how much she had really missed her!

Harmony has been restored and Holly has spent all week accompanying us everywhere.


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Hollys Home!

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad you found Holly! I lost my very special ‘Tom Pig’ when I was little and we never found him 😦 not even when we moved house! I must have taken him somewhere and left him, was awful! Xx

  2. Thank goodness for that. Its awful when they lose something that really means something. Grace has a bobo (comfort blanket) she has left places but never lost – thankfully. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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