Shots Anyone?

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I’ve been debating whether to share these pics with you all. It doesn’t show me and some of my closest friends in the best, most sober light but we all had such an amazing time and I have so many funny memories from this day, I’ve decided to just go ahead and share it anyway. That’s me, dancing like no ones watching, in the purple dress.

We were all attending our friends wedding. We’re from the North West, which is where the groom grew up. He and his now wife live in the midlands, which is where the wedding took place in 2010.

During the day we were all on our best behaviour, as you are at weddings and all our kids were there so we had to at least pretend we were responsible parents in front of people we didn’t know. Just before the meal my lovely mother in law came to pick the munchkin up, she had always planned to come and get her but the timing was brought forward after a particularly horrific experience, which I will share with you another time. Basically my nerves were shot and in order to relax and enjoy myself my child had to go home. This may have had something to do with the drunken state I later found myself in as I hadn’t had a drink of alcohol until she left!

For some reason, at that particular moment in time, a silent understanding crept over all of us and we knew that this night would be the night that we would let our hair down. Everything was going along steadily for a while, it started to go downhill at a rapid pace when one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, Lisa, decided that we should do some shots. You know, like mature grown ups do. Well, one shot led to 2 shots, led to 3 shots, led to I can’t quite remember how many shots we had but I do remember telling the bar man not to give anyone any more!

Silliness ensued, with us dancing, singing, ties round the head and laughing on the dance floor.

After the other guests had gone to bed, luckily, and there was only us left in the residents bar, the suggestion was made that we should go swimming in the pond/pool outside. This of course was a great idea, 3 of the lads (well men really), including Mr C, stripped to their boxers ready to dive in, only to realise that the pool was actually only an inch deep. Something we of course found hilarious! Once back inside, singing along to the music on an iPod, they treated us to a gymnastics show, the new spellbound they were not but laugh we did!

I can’t even put my finger on why exactly this night was such a good one. We may have gone a little overboard for people our age, which I think is ok every once in a while. I do know that I was surrounded with some people who I love and I am proud to call my friends. We talk about this night still and I think we’ll still talk about it when we’re old and grey.

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3 thoughts on “Shots Anyone?

  1. Brilliant post Becky, nights like this are just awesome aren’t they. Love that photo of you giving it your all on the dancefloor too, genius! As for the pool, that’s just priceless. So glad you shared with #whatsthestory (sorry for the delay in getting to you!) x

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