25 Weeks

Last night I discovered that I could rest my brew on my bump and it would stay there.

I now have my own personal coffee table which is bloody marvelous ’cause bending over to get my brew off the floor (don’t actually have a coffee table) has started to cause me issues!

I’ve realised my sofa is far too deep and comfy. I mean, it’s ok once you’re sat on it, although I do my lounging and lying on it now, but when it comes to getting up it’s turned into a nightmare! It’s not the easiest to maneuver off at the best of times, I can blame my short legs for that, but now I literally have to roll off in order to get anywhere.

I’ve been doing a lot of rolling. Rolling out of bed, rolling off the sofa, if I sit on the floor, rolling to get up. Rolling, rolling, rolling. Much to Mr Cs amusement.

Like a weeble!

This has caused a fair bit of grunting, huffing, puffing and moaning. Standing up, sitting down, breathing, is all starting to be hard work!

I know only 25 weeks! I’m sure I didn’t whinge this much 1st time round and it’s realistically only going to get worse!

Despite the huffy feeling I’ve had all week, I’m reminded often that baby is growing. His movements are getting stronger, I’m getting greedier and I expect to feel him every time I’m sat down when he’s normally at his busiest.

I’m very conscious of feeling him and have some moments of panic when I’m not sure if I’ve felt him for a while. He soon reminds me he’s ok in there before any real panic takes over.

It’s been a fairly quiet appointment week, apart from my usual blood pressure check. Next week sees us back at St Marys to see the consultant.

Still taking every day as it comes, we will see what next week brings us.


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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