28 Weeks

Dare I say it out loud?

I might whisper it.

This week I have been feeling positively, well, positive!

I’m a few days late with this weeks pregnancy update. It’s been such a busy weekend which I’ve mostly spent out of the house enjoying the lovely weather.

Last week I was fed up, I just felt really heavy. I was tired and everywhere hurt, I just couldn’t get comfy everything ended up being a massive huffy puffy sighing effort.

This week I’ve managed to actually get a few hours to myself, with my feet up, doing absolutely nothing. It’s amazing how much some rest and a couple of early nights can help. I don’t feel as heavy so I’m feeling less like a grumpy beached whale. As I’ve not been constantly whinging, my mind has been less miz mog foggy and I’ve been able to slowly but surely think properly about getting organised. Mr C even said that a list would be a great idea, he hates lists!

I had a routine midwives appointment on Monday. She said I didn’t feel as fluidy (don’t think this is an actual word) as I had last time and could have a better feel of baby. I was also able to hear babys heart beat which really made me smile. She measured me and I am measuring just over 29 weeks, so only a week or so in it now. My blood pressure is still fine but I had high sugar in my water so I’ve been shipped back for another glucose test! I don’t think that the giant slice of birthday cake or full fat coke I had just before I went was the brightest thing I’ve ever done. She said it was probably that but to be on the safe side I have to go back.

On Thursday I had an appointment at my local antenatal hospital to see the specialist there. She wanted to see me in between my St Marys appointments to make sure everything was ok. I dragged my friend along as Mr C was working, not a fan of going to scans by myself after the last time I did that. The consultant was really nice and completely put me at ease, answering any questions I had. She did a growth scan, baby is growing fine and it’s weighing 2lbs 13 which is in the average bracket. She could see all vital organs and the stomach, she even showed me the little profile of his face. Even though I know the stomach is there now I’m always so relieved when the spot it on the scans. I asked her about my fluid and she said that she didn’t look at the screen and think there was a lot, although she said she didn’t feel the need to measure it. It could be that baby is growing and fluid isn’t increasing it’s just staying the same, which could explain why I’ve been feeling more comfortable this week. She was really positive about the results of the scan. I was on a little high when I left.

Baby is moving a lot, if I’m sat down he has himself a little disco! This week his movements have become more visible. I’m not just feeling them I’m seeing them too. Which is good for Mr C and the munchkin, they can feel him more easily now but not so great when you’re sat in a meeting at work and your tummy looks like an alien is going to pop out! I like to sit and feel and watch, I’ll sometimes sit down just so I can feel him.

All in all it’s been a really good week, I’m hoping this feeling stops around so I can get a list wrote when I’m not in a grump and finally get some bits organised!

My baby he loves to dance

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