Pregnancy+ app (a review)

You would think, with this being my second baby that I would have this pregnancy lark down.

You would be wrong!

Not only, as I’m discovering, are no 2 pregnancies the same but I’ve slept, a lot, since the 1st time I was with child and have completely forgotten. Everything.

I was given the opportunity to have a play around with and use the Pregnancy+ app which has been created by I was a bit dubious at 1st, I’m never sure whether apps like this will be any good, whether they’ll just be trying to sell you stuff but I’ve been pleasantly surprised about it and how much I’ve used it.

It is literally filled with information, stuff that you actually want to know and bit’s you hadn’t even thought about. It’s personalised so each day the information is updated, the daily and weekly info page and blog relate to the stage of pregnancy you’re at. They cover a variety of subjects and there’s weekly information about the growth of the baby, the changes in your body and even information for partners. It of course wouldn’t be a pregnancy app without comparing the size of the baby to food, which always makes me chuckle! This week baby is the size of a winter squash!

There are areas on virtually every page for you to keep personalising to get the most of the app for you. Areas for inputting your appointments, which has really come in handy for me. I have a different appointment each week at the moment! There’s a page for important phone numbers and another for tasks. There’s a task list, the daily info page and weekly update have areas for notes and even adding pictures of your own bump.

There are guides to advise of healthy eating, exercise, medicine, what to expect in labour, information on breast or bottle feeding, looking at birth plans, a contraction counter, a shopping and hospital bag checklists, which has really helped in trying to get organised. I had completely forgot the type of items you’d need in a bag for hospital. There’s even baby names you can have a look through and highlight your favourites. It is very comprehensive.

I was really impressed to see the app contained a kick counter. I’ve been very aware this time round of feeling the baby move, the first time round I really don’t think I paid that much attention. They really have thought of everything.

Before I had the app I found myself googling, almost daily, stuff that I wanted to know. Since having it I’ve been able to find what I wanted and little tips I wouldn’t have even thought about without the use of a search engine.I don’t feel preached too, there’s no you must do this or must do that, it’s giving you information so you can make educated decisions and choices all the way through your pregnancy and labour.

I’ve found it really easy to use, it’s very pretty too (can you say that about an app) I really like the picture simulation of what the baby looks like, I’ve enjoyed sharing that with the munchkin so she can see how the baby is growing. It’s organised in a really simple way and is easy to navigate, adding information doesn’t require a dummies guide, you’re able to export the information and share it easily, if you really wanted.

There are of course with everything some bit’s I’m not a massive fan of, mainly the weight guide, which I haven’t used. I know that some mums to be may want to keep a track of weight gain but I really have too much other stuff to worry about and haven’t actually stepped on set of scales since my booking in appointment with the midwife, if you’re eating healthy, I’m really not sure why you’d need it. And although it is useful, the countdown of how many days I have left to go really just freaks me out into how unorganised I am but really both of these negatives are just me!

I know that these type of things aren’t for everyone, which is completely understandable, but if you are looking for a pregnancy app I really would recommend this one!


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