Snow White


Here’s a picture of my little Snow White. It was taken on the 5th April 2012. They day before on the 4th, the munchkin and I had spent the night in hospital where she had her tonsils and adenoids out.

She was 3, we had explained what was going to happen. That she’d be going into hospital and that her throat would hurt, that mummy and daddy would be there to help her be brave and that she could choose whatever she wanted for when she got home. She chose this dress up outfit!

We knew from early on in her little life that something wasn’t right with her breathing. She had stopped at my mum and dads one night and my dad had asked us the next day if we realised she stopped breathing in her sleep. We hadn’t realised, and dismissed it as my parents being paranoid so didn’t think anything of it until we went away for the weekend a few months later and the 3 of us shared a room. We soon realised and spent most of the night staring over her cot waiting for her to breathe again.

She would stop breathing regularly, for between 3 and 15 seconds. She snored like an old man. When she was asleep upstairs you could hear her snoring downstairs as if she as in the same room. Her nose ran constantly, not just clear snot but bright green yakky make you heave snot. At 2 she could wipe and blow her own nose!

I went to the doctors to be told she had an allergy and she was prescribed piriton. It of course didn’t help and I knew that it wasn’t allergies, but no matter how many times I went back I still had the same response! Our doctor, well there’s no polite way of saying this, he’s shit. I love the NHS and people who work in it, just not this guy. The many times I took her to see him, not once did he offer to send her for an allergy test, even though he kept telling us she had allergies! It got to the point I was taking her to see him every 4 to 6 weeks, she would get conjunctivitis a lot and still had sleep apnoea,

In the end he referred us to the ear, nose and throat specialist, I think he was just sick of seeing us. She was tested for allergies, she had none (mum knows best) so was sent home with a heart monitor to wear through her sleep over night.

At the next appointment, the specialist told us that her heart rate did slow in the night periodically, when she stopped breathing. Although not immediately dangerous, dangerous enough to warrant removing her tonsils and adenoids.

We were very honest with her about what was happening in a way that she would understand, we didn’t want anything to be a shock to her as we knew that would scare her more!

She was so good on the day. She must have been starving and thirsty as she was nil by mouth. She played happily in the children’s ward until it was time to go down to theatre. Mr C took her in whilst she was put under the anaesthetic, the nurses and surgeons were really good with her, she got a little scared so hugged her daddy, they were able to put her to sleep with no fuss, she hadn’t felt the needle whilst Mr C soothed her.

When she came around she was upset, we hadn’t been allowed in recovery so when she saw us back on the ward she cried and virtually jumped off the bed, we haven’t been squeezed as hard as that since. On her hospital notes it said that her tonsils were grade 4, which after a quick google, meant that her tonsils were virtually touching, no wonder she snored!

She was very brave, and back to playing the next day, even though she was a little clingy, which was completely understandable!

I love this picture, we had just got home. You can still see the plaster and her hospital wrist band.

This sums the munchkin up, even though she’s in pain she’s still smiling! I am so thankful that she didn’t have a more serious illness and know that we are lucky but it still doesn’t stop me being super proud of how she took everything in her stride!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

4 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. Oh wow Becky what a post! That must have been such a scary time for you all – and frustrating too not being able to get the help you needed. So great to see she bounced back super quick and you’re right that photo is ace! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you. I’m glad we got everything sorted in the end, it was pretty frustrating for quite a while. She’s a little trooper 🙂

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