Love the Little Things #13

Another week and another Love the Little Things! I do enjoy writing this post!

Here are my little loves for this week


I’m not going to mention the other thing I’m still reading as it’s embarrassing to mention. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading with the munchkin this week so plenty of Biff, Chip and Kipper books!


Following on from last weeks post I again watched Greys Anatomy and My Mad Fat Diary, both of them had me doing a little fist pump to myself! Yes I know they’re not real but the endings of both really made me smile!


I’ve started to listen to real radio, now I am finally able to sing along to the songs and I actually know the words! This week I heard this.


This week I have finally made a start on getting organised for the baby! I am still nowhere near ready but feel a bit better that I finally started getting things. I still need to make a proper list.


Tights! This week I’ve put the leggings away for a few days and have worn natural tights! They don’t exactly go over the bump but fit and have made me feel like it’s actually spring!

And Lastly

We had a lovely day out last Sunday to Cadburys world. It was a treat for the munchkin for trying very hard at school, she chose it! Although I probably wouldn’t go again, thought it was a little overpriced, there was free chocolate and the munchkin loved it!


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #13

  1. I adore that song! Brings back many teenage memories!

    I too loved My Big Fat Diary and Greys this week. Looking forward to seeing where Greys goes now xxx

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