Project 365, Week #14

Another week in pictures already! If you are a usual reader of this post you will know that my week in pictures are completely random, this week is no different!

Day 89


At the beginning of term the munchkin was quite behind in her reading. She is one of the youngest in her class, she’s a July baby, so it’s nothing that we’ve been terribly worried about but she just didn’t even want to try. So we gave her an incentive, well we basically bribed her! If she tried very hard then we would take her whereever she wanted to go. She chose Cadburys World. So on Mothers day we spent our day at Cardburys world. The munchkin had a fantastic time!

Day 90


On Monday it was still a plesant evening when we were all home, the munchkin decided it was the perfect time to practise on her roller boots! She still has a long way to go before solo skating is on the cards but the smile on her face whilst she was holding onto daddys hand, and almost falling on her bum was brilliant!

Day 91


I have finally starting to get some bits together for the baby. We have been given loads of  baby clothes, so I don’t really plan on buying anymore but I wanted his first outfits to be ones that we had bought him specially. On Tuesday some romper suits I’d ordered arrived. This is one of my favourites!

Day 92


Wednesday the munchkin got herself into her onesie, she spent the evening cuddled up on the sofa!

Day 93


Another day and still in her onesie but with the added headband accessory! The munchkin spent some time reading with daddy!

Day 94


On Friday I got home to flowers from Mr C, for no reason! The little card had me welling up, I’m all pregnancy hormonal, it was such a nice surprise and really had me smiling!

Day 95


Saturday we spent the day with friends celebrating their daughters 2nd birthday! She’s a very special little girl as she was pretty poorly when she was born but surprised everybody by making a super speedy recovery! We had a fantastic afternoon, as we always do when we’re in our friend company! These were the cupcakes for her party and they tasted as good as they look!

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