29 Weeks

So this week I’m still feeling pretty good and I have actually managed to make a start on getting things organised!

My main priority at the minute is getting my hospital bag together, my friend has lent me a bag suitable so the actual physical thing is sorted, now I just need the bits to go in it! I’ve so far managed slippers, some wipes, nappies and babys first outfits! Oh and some alcohol hand gel!

I’ve also been given by a woman at work the most beautiful soft hand knitted blanket and cardigan in yellow. I was being really brave but was filling up again, such a wonderful act of kindness, damn pregnancy hormones. It’s just stunning and when I finally get round to sorting the nursery out it will go perfectly. At least now, he won’t have to come home with a pink blanket, which is the only colour baby blanket I currently have, not that I’m fussed it would be pink but it’s nice for him to have something for himself!

This week I’ve been a human pin cushion! It’s really a good job that I’m not bothered about needles, or the sight of blood.

I had the whopping cough injection when I went for my weekly appointment with Barbara (the nurse who does my bloody pressure) My blood pressure is still fine. I really don’t think it will be high this time around, I’m much less puffy and squidgy than I was when I was pregnant with the munchkin and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

Then I had to go for ANOTHER glucose test! If you’ve read my week 28 post, when I went for my routine midwives appointment there was sugar in my water so I was referred for the test again!

Never before have a regretted eating a massive slice of birthday cake and drinking a full fat coke before the appointment!

I found the fasting easier this time round and didn’t feel as hungry. There was a woman in the waiting room having the test and her husband ate a chocolate bar! Although I though it was sweet that he’d gone to keep her company for a couple of hours, if it had been mine I would have stabbed him in the eye!

My veins keep doing a vanishing act though, they were the same last week when I had routine bloods taken. It’s funny ’cause never before have I had a problem with finding a decent vein. Luckily they managed to get the blood they needed with only the one stab!

Because I was referred due to high sugar, I had to bring home a blood testing kit and test my blood sugar three times a day! My poor thumbs are covered in pin pricks! As far as I can tell it’s been ok, I’m still waiting for my results from the GTT so hopefully I’ll have a phone call over the next couple of days.

I’ll be honest, it has given me a kick up the bum. I wasn’t really being that conscious about what I was eating but since the high sugar in my water I have cut down on sugar, chocolate, cake and stuff that although is tasty isn’t the healthiest. I’ve also started replacing pop with more water. I think these small changes have actually given me more energy. I also don’t feel as bloated, which I think has made me feel less heavy. I’ve been surprised with how I feel better physically and although it might not be totally down to the change in what I eat it must have helped!

I’m quickly sliding into week 30. Then we will really be on countdown.

Next week I have an appointment back at St Mary’s and will maybe have an update on what the plan is!

Until then I really need to finish off this hospital bag.


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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