Love the Little Things #14

Another week to have a look back and see the little loves I’ve experienced this week.


Still avoiding the book I can’t seem to finish. I haven’t really had much chance to read this week. The only things I’ve managed to pick up are some catalogues and brochures I’ve had a flick through. Which just makes me want to spend pennies! Best start saving.


Frozen, again! Mr C bought the munchkin it on DVD so now we can watch it whenever we like! It’s a really good job that I like this film.


In one of the regular programmes I watched this week they had a version of the song Blackbird, originally by The Beatles. Although I had heard of the song, I had never actually heard the song. I actually took the time to listen to it properly. It’s so beautiful.


This week we decorated eggs for the egg competition at school. Last year we outdid ourselves with Mr Men and Little Miss eggs. If I do say so myself they were bloody brilliant. This year the munchkin decided to do frogs. 5 little sp-egg-led frogs to be exact. I let her do everything herself this time around and she was really pleased when it was finished. All was well apart from the green paint peeling off, need to rethink paint for next year. The munchkin knew she wouldn’t win, she said it was ok though ’cause she’d really enjoyed making them!


Mainly my scruff! I have the Easter hols off work so haven’t need to dress up for anything. It’s also been fairly warm a couple of days so I’ve had anything cool on and I’ve been extra warm!

And Lastly

I have survived the 1st week of the Easter holidays. It’s been lovely spending time with the munchkin, I’m looking forward to next week!





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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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