Project 365, Week #15

It’s been a funny old week. Hospital Appointments and tons of information from these have caused a mental distraction, when I came to write up the post for this week I realised I hadn’t really taken any photographs. Which is a shame because I have had a really good week with the munchkin on her 1st week off for the Easter holidays. Although we haven’t been anywhere, we have had fun playing at home.

I didn’t want to miss a post this week, as although this week I’ve been useless, up to now I’ve been really chuffed that I’ve managed to keep up with the project.

Normal randomness will resume next week, but for now I’ll share the only picture I managed to take this week.


photo (61)

This was taken on Monday after school (day 96) the munchkin had ate an apple and wanted to plant the pips in the garden. Who am I to say no!

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