30 Weeks

I’m off for 2 weeks over Easter with the munchkin and really want to get the house a bit more organised. I really do think I could be on one of those hoarder programmes! Every surface of every room just seems to be filled with crap. I just have no idea where to start. I begin in one room, but can’t finish it  because the other room hasn’t been sorted yet and stuff needs to be moved.

It doesn’t help that bending and almost anything physical is becoming an issue and everything takes twice as long!

Or that I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and lacking in energy this week. I actually felt bored the other day which is ridiculous as I have so much to do!

This week has seen us back at St Marys, twice, and back to Barbara for my blood pressure check.

We saw our usual consultant at St Marys and had another scan (our 7th up to now). Baby is still growing fine, he’s 3lbs something now. He was in a really awkward position with his head right down so it took a little longer for them to get all the measurements and to check everything they needed to.

My fluid is still high, although it hasn’t increased it’s not reducing. Everyone seems to be concerned about this apart from me. I think because I’m actually not feeling too bad apart from the usual pregnancy whinges!

It’s been decided that they want me to have the baby in Manchester just in case baby has a blockage. Because we live a little while away they will induce me at 38 weeks.

So in the space of half an hour we lost 2 weeks! Went in with 10 weeks to go, came out with 8 weeks to go!

I’m to go back to St Marys in 4 weeks and it’s at that point they’ll transfer all my care over and book me in.

If for any reason I go into labour before the induction date I have to my local hospital and not try to get to Manchester, much better than giving birth on the hard shoulder of the M602. This prompted another appointment with the consultant locally so they can keep up with the care here just in case. I don’t think in my whole life, luckily, I’ve every spent as much time at hospital or doctor appointment in one form or another.

The second trip to St Marys, the very next day, was to see the baby surgeons. They were really good, as they always are in the FMU. There was a lot of information and a lot of Ifs and Buts. Despite the information and worse case scenario, I’m feeling really rather calm about the whole thing. I just don’t see the point in worrying about something that might never happen! I’m completely opposite to Mr C who is definitely a glass half full person and hasn’t stopped worrying since the meeting. I know what might happen, if it doesn’t I will have worked myself up for nothing, if it does happen I will deal with it as it arises!

I need to keep my blood pressure down. Which is still fine. I had to take the munchkin with me and goodness knows how it was fine when Barbara checked it, she had been a major pain before we went (the munchkin not Barbara). She actually commented that she’d been naughty in the morning! She is honest if nothing else!

I haven’t heard the results of my GTT test but I am assuming that it’s fine, If it wasn’t I think they’d have been in touch.

The only way I can sum up this week is Meh!

Which isn’t really a word!

Hoping to find some energy from somewhere to get off the sofa, I have 2 less weeks to get stuff sorted!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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