35 Weeks

This week has found me enjoying my 1st week of maternity leave.

I’m up a lot in the night, for a wee, or with heartburn, or for a wee, or ’cause i’m just not comfy, or with heartburn, or for a wee, or ’cause I’m too hot, or for a wee. You get the idea.

As I still have to get up with the munchkin to get her to school on time I’ve not really managed a lie in, I’ve still found myself feeling really tired during the day! This has led to me napping quite a lot, still uncontrollably. In fact, I reckon that you could time me. If I’m still for more than 2 minutes and I’m relaxed, you can bet your bottom dollar sleep will soon follow and snoring would come quickly after my eyes are shut.

I was starting to feel guilty about nodding off, I have tons to do, and it just seems a bit of a waste of day but Mr C says my body must need it, so to just go with it, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

I have managed to start to get organised! *Fist Pumps all round* I have actually been ruthless and rather than hoard stuff to ebay or car boot, things I never ever get round to doing, I have donated them to the local charity shop! So I am slowly but surely making inroads into being sorted.

It is slow progress, everything is slow. I can’t do a lot before I start to feel achy. I nipped to the shops a couple of times and ended up shuffling round before I’d done all of my shopping. Oh so achy, around my back, in my legs, my bump. A little bit of movement requires a fair bit of sitting down. I suppose it’s to be expected at this stage though. I was doubled over one day, think I may have overdone it with the moving things around and carrying downstairs and things. I was under strict instructions from then to leave anything that wasn’t feather light to be moved when Mr C gets home from work.

Another new sensation this week is pressure. I can’t even begin to tell you how much pressure I’ve been feeling. Down there. One night I actually felt that if I coughed I would literally cough the baby out. He felt so low. It’s a very strange feeling, I don’t remember having the same feeling with the munchkin. I’m hoping it’s not a sign that he’s going to come even earlier, maybe a sign I should finally get my hospital bag finished. It’s another thing to add to the uncomfortableness I’m going to have to put up with for the next few weeks.

Apart from the achy ness, the tiredness, the pressure and everything else, I have actually enjoyed this week.

It was definitely the right time to finish work.


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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