Celebrating Sam

On Sunday 1st February it was the froglets Baptism.


We really wanted the day to be a true celebration. A way of saying thanks for the people who were there for us when he was born, who support us now. A celebration of his life so far, the way he fought through his first few days with us and to celebrate how lucky we are to have our little miracle boy.

The Froglet wore the christening gown his sister wore for church, ‘It’s your christening and everyone will say: Oh Look you look like a girl’ the munchkin said to her brother, the shawl was the same too. He got changed into the cutest little outfit with braces and a bow tie for the party afterwards.

IMG_0761  IMG_0820

The date had been arranged since he was a month old, although you would not think I’d had nearly 7 months to organise the day the way I was running round like a blue arsed fly 2 days before! I’d kept the decoration and the buffet (Hot Pot) pretty simple. Being on a tight, maternity pay, budget we had to spend our money wisely, like on hiring a children’s entertainer to keep the hundreds, literally, of kids entertained. Which he did and the adults entertained in places too. At the end he thanked the parents for how well-behaved they’d been which I thought was lovely. We also booked a face painter for the munchkin. She doesn’t like kids entertainers but loves having her face painted so it was a surprise for her on the day. I may have been swayed to book her ’cause her company was called Viva Las Faces, which I thought was hilarious! She did a fantastic job and the faces were brilliant, the munchkin was suitably impressed, good mummy points earned there!


Instead of gifts we had asked guests to make a donation to St Marys Hospital Charity NICU, where the Froglets life was saved. He still got some lovely things. We borrowed a wishing well from our friends for cards (spot the tissue paper pom-poms, thank you pinterest). I only had 2 balloons, one extra-large with silver stars on the string (I did the stars myself) and a superman one, which was a last-minute purchase. I’m slightly obsessed with the superman symbol, as our little man is Super and his name is Sam so it’s his initial! I wanted something a bit different to a guest book for people to write messages or wishes on and found the perfect picture on notonthehighstreet.com that will go perfectly in his bedroom now it’s all signed, when I eventually get that sorted!


I’d done a slide show, I’m partial to a video or two, to show Sams Journey so far. I was supposed to speak, to thank everyone for coming but got all emotional and just, well, just blubbed. I had to leave the talking to Mr C and endure the rest of the afternoon with a puffy red face! I wasn’t the only person though, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

We had a wonderful day, we were surrounded by people that we love and who love us back, for all our faults. It really was a true celebration, I couldn’t have wished for the day to be any more perfect.



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7 thoughts on “Celebrating Sam

  1. Looks fab! We didn’t have a christening for Josh but if we did I woulda loved it like urs! #sharefriday x

  2. Ah looks like a lovely day, and what a lovely idea to make a donation to St Mary’s NICU! The donations of hats and cardis from the unit saved a lot of worry for us when Elsie was born and the work they do is amazing. x x x x

    1. We don’t think we will ever be able to express how thankful we are to them for literally saving Sam and caring for him. The donation from the christening will hopefully help them a little and is just a start as we have other things planned. Sams 1st hat was a pink one that had been donated, it kept all his little brain probes under wraps xxx

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