The Mystery of the Missing White Socks

Something is amiss in my house. All of the munchkins white socks have vanished! VANISHED!! All of them, apart from one pair, which is helpful. I have no idea where on earth they have gone. If I’m honest things go missing quite often in our house, it’s like a black hole sometimes, mainly due to all the junk that covers every surface, picture one of those hoarder programmes and you’re on the right track. The odd sock to go missing is acceptable, expected even, but for every single white school sock to have disappeared is ridiculous.

She’s not worn them for a while, she’s had her ‘winter uniform’ on so has worn grey or navy socks or tights, tons of them still knocking about. Now she’s decided she NEEDS to wear her summer dress for school, because of all the lovely weather we’re currently experiencing (Ha!) which is light blue, navy and blue socks just don’t go.

You would have thought that they would have been put neatly away in her sock draw. You are all wrong. You may have considered that they might be in the bottom of that wash basket I keep meaning to put away. Again Wrong. I have searched everywhere. Everywhere! They are gone!

This little ditty to the tune of a well know nursery song keeps popping into my head. Luckily, you can’t tell when you read it where I have been melodramatically weeping in frustration.

Oh where, oh where
Have all the white socks gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
The knee-length ones
With the pretty hearts
Oh where, oh where can they be?
I think they went into
The washing machine
To make them nice and clean
They whirred around
Drenched in glo white
They were mucky as can be

Oh where, oh where
Have the white socks gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
The ankle ones
With the little cute bows
Oh where, oh where can they be?
The munchkin needs them for her uniform
A summer dress she now wears
Navy and grey just don’t seem to match
All the white socks have disappeared
Perhaps the sock monster has eaten them
There’s no other way to explain
They went in the wash
And then they were dried
But a single pair I can’t find

Oh where, oh where
Have all the white socks gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?

I’m going to have to buy some bloody new ones aren’t I!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Missing White Socks

  1. We often can’t find things – but they turn up in random places; we couldn’t find the remote control for the Freeview box that we were giving my parents and it suddenly appeared, about 6 weeks later, on one of the sofa seats. My son couldn’t find his PSP and it turned up in the suitcase that my husband had with him… Very odd 🙂

  2. I think your white socks have gone with my black ones, to a place of no return..probably having a good old time with all the other mismatched ones. I just cannot understand how socks go missing!!

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