Memory Lane

So last night I was pretty bored. There wasn’t anything on TV and I’d spent Friday relaxing at a spa and had read a book so needed a break before I started reading something else. (The spa was bloody lovely by the way!) I was messing around with my phone and started looking through some of my friends photos on facebook.

I wouldn’t call it stalking, more being nosy and I wasn’t look at all the photos, just mobile uploads or random albums, which are usually snapshots of life. So if you have a mobile or random album and you’re my facebook friend the likely hood is I was looking at your pics!

Then I started looking through my own pictures. I have A LOT of pictures on facebook. This is because I take A LOT of photographs. They’re all digital now, I transfer them from my camera onto my computer, I have a look through them, delete any that aren’t that good, edit some to make them look better, save them in a file and that’s it. No one else sees them, unless I share them via social media, which I don’t do very often any more, sometimes I show Mr C but often I am the sole viewer of these snapshots. I’m pretty un-organised so I don’t really get around to printing any of them off to put in albums. I have very good intentions but never actually get round to it.

It’s not very often, if at all that I would actually sit down, load up my computer (which is the slowest computer on the planet) with the sole intention of looking through the pictures. So they sit stored on the computer never viewed and often forgotten.

So when last night I was looking through the pictures on my phone, some of them a good few years old, I couldn’t help but be taken on a massive trip down memory lane! I was able to look at pictures and with each picture I remembered. When Me & Mr C got together, drunken nights out I’d had with our friends and the funny things that happened, remember my hang over starting before I’d even gone to bed on my Hen Do (I blame Sarah and the jug of sex on the beach she bought me), remember times on holiday and breaks away, look at pictures of Lily when she was a baby and not quite believing how quickly time has gone, look at my wedding, looking at our friends weddings, our surprise honeymoon to Thailand, celebrating friends birthdays, the time we all stayed over in the Hilton in Manchester and Mr C stripped off and hid in the fridge (don’t ask) hairstyles I’ve had, weight I’ve lost, weight I’ve gained, people I’ve known that are now not in my life, friends that are still around and will be for a very long time and realising how long I’ve actually known them (years). I remembered.

When I was little my mum had a massive box of photos and albums I used to spend ages looking at. Photographs to me are snapshots of a moment in time. A moment in your life to be cherished.  They conjure these memories of times that on a day-to-day basis are forgotten, there’s only so much stuff I can remember day-to-day.  They should be looked at. They should be shared. They should be printed and not just stored on my computer.

Is it too late for New Years resolutions?

To print pictures, to put them in albums, to share them, to smile, to remember.

It wasn’t such a boring Saturday night after all.



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

3 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. That was unbelievable becks,you can ask Diane,I more or less said the same thing to Diane this weekend as I needed to look through our old photos recently,iv or we as a family have thousands of pics on our phones that never see daylight and should they get lost or stolen all the memories would be gone aswell.not sure if things will change but I agree print your motors and share.

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