No Pain, No Gain!

I’m in pain! I hurt! Not all over but my legs are sore in places that have never hurt before, my back and my stomach (under all the wobble) are sore too! My back is bloody killing me! I’m making oo and ah noises and sound like an old lady trying to do just about anything! I feel like an old lady! I have bypassed my middle ages and I am, from now on, living in the body of an 80-year-old only not as wrinkly just yet (quickly checks the mirror for crows feet!)

I’ve been out for a run tonight. It’s my first run for 2 weeks and we’ve done 3 miles. My training plans have been scuppered these last couple of weeks. 1st week, the night I was supposed to go, my 4-year-old fell asleep at school and I had to go and pick her up (embarrassing) with fear of her coming down with some horrible illness I didn’t want to leave her with anyone whilst we went out running (turns out she was just really tired). Then the snow arrived and although I did say I would go out in all weathers, I plan on running/walking this run not skating it so I gave any training a miss! I’ve heard far too many stories about people falling on ice and breaking themselves!

Then things were all up in the air, as you know I was planning on running for Me 2 You which is a children’s bereavement charity, which I am a trustee for and who I volunteer for (read the post Me 2 You for a little glimpse of my volunteering experience.) We’ve been struggling with funding for a while and last Monday we made the heartbreaking decision to dissolve the charity. We wouldn’t have been able to carry on without compromising the work that we did. It wasn’t an easy decision, we talked and talked and discussed ideas but there really wasn’t another option. So as you can imagine I was pretty deflated and didn’t fancy doing any running.

This really was my perfect opportunity to give up. I didn’t need to run any more. I could just stop. I didn’t need to put myself through this. For some reason, that I do not even know just yet, I decided that I was still going to run regardless, whether I was going to raise money or not. Then Winstons Wish have kindly said that they will support our families and offer support to any referrals from new families that we might have, so I have decided to run and raise money through them. Any money that I raise through my BT Donate page will be donated to Winstons Wish! With everything that has gone on I actually feel more relaxed about the whole thing and I’m now not worried if I don’t manage to run it all, as long as I finish it I will still be proud. I’m not even worried if I end up walking 10 miles of it and running the last 3!

Tonight we went back out, I knew it was going to be hard but the rain and wind made it doubly hard so I struggled for a while and although everything hurt after about a mile I still kept going, all be it slower than the last time I went out. I was running against the wind so that couldn’t have helped. The rain I didn’t mind, apart from my feet getting wet and my trainers, which I’d managed to keep relatively white are now dirty, it helped me to keep cool! Well that’s my excuse I’m and sticking to it. My face is still red and I stopped running about 3 hours ago and I AM IN PAIN!!

What’s worse is, I think the ouches will hurt more tomorrow, but do you know what I think I actually missed the 2 weeks I haven’t been out for a run! I never thought I’d hear myself say that!!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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