I’ve heard a lot about this Gerry from the kid.

She’s been asking for some time when Gerry would be able to come home with her. As I had no bloody clue what on earth she was going on about I couldn’t answer. I soothingly told her that surely everyone in the class would have the opportunity to take Gerry home!

Well we finally, finally have him for the weekend.

Gerry is a Giraffe!

The kid is beyond excited!

She got star of the week for reading, which I’m really really proud of, she was struggling a little and she’s been trying really hard with her books. She’s not that confident at school, strangely cause if you meet her outside of the classroom she’s not shy at all, so things like this are a good way of building her confidence.

Anyway, I haven’t really got to the bottom of whether you get Gerry for being star of the week or if it was just her turn but we have him.

Gerry comes with rules! He has to come everywhere with us and then we have to write, take pictures and draw in Gerrys diary what he’s been up to with us this weekend.

If I’m completely honest I wasn’t planning on doing anything this weekend.

I’m not sure the diary entry ‘Me and Gerry were in our pjs all day and left to our own devices, mainly watching tv, whilst mummy tried to tidy up but spent quite a lot of time just sitting and daddy played rugby and then went to the dirty pub’ is going to go down too well!

I’m also not sure I can compete with the other parents!! Seriously!

This is Gerry’s 2nd diary according to the kid, there are 5 entries. The entries so far are: A trip to Yorkshire, a trip to Leeds (we live in Wigan), a weekend away to a cottage for the granddads 65th birthday party, a trip to a safari park and a trip to London which included the national history museum and Harry Potter World! Harry Fucking Potter World!!!

Now I’m frantically trying to plan something as if it was just by chance so we don’t look like the worst parents in the world!!

I’ll probably not even remember to take him with us on our ‘we do this every weekend to enrich our childs well-being, honest’ day out to wherever we end up! If I remember him I’ll probably forget to take pictures!

For a split second I thought about photoshopping the kid & Gerry into pictures but there’s no way she’ll go along with it!

Oh good god this is going to be a nightmare!

Harry Fucking Potter World!!!!!!

Gerry is going to ruin my weekend!!



The Kid & Gerry!





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2 thoughts on “Gerry

  1. Sorry, I had to laugh when I read this! I would be thinking the exact same thing as you. Our life is rarely exciting as we are so skint, and a trip to the local park is about as exciting as it gets.

    I hope you and Gerry have a lovely weekend 😉

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you and Gerry again this week.

    Laura x x x

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