I think scans are bloody torturous.

I didn’t feel like this last time round but this time I haven’t enjoyed a single one.

Today I had to go for a scan at the Fetal Medicine Unit at St Mary’s hospital in Manchester.

Two weeks ago I had my anomaly scan at my local hospital. The baby did not appreciate a pint of water squashing against him and I didn’t appreciate not being able to go to the loo! Seriously, the worst thing to do to a pregnant woman is tell her she can’t use the toilet, it just makes us need it more! I was so uncomfy I paced the waiting room until my name was called.

Accompanied by Mr C and the munchkin, they managed to get nearly all of the measurements they needed, we even found out the sex! Baby wasn’t playing ball and they couldn’t confirm they’d seen the stomach. They wanted to check it so I had to go back on Monday this week.

This Monday I went by myself, Mr C had started his new job that day and it would be easier to get the scan done without the munchkin there for entertainment. We thought it would be routine.

It wasn’t.

They still couldn’t see the stomach, even after a further 20 minute wait. Not a massive problem by itself, it could have been that the baby just hadn’t swallowed anything, but my amniotic fluid level is high too. Both these factors are indicators of problems.

I was referred to St Mary’s to see a specialist.

I cried.

Most of the night.

I won’t be going by myself again.

And although I knew it was bloody ridiculous to google it, I did. It didn’t help. I’ve spent the last few days just hoping that it would be something not that serious. Something that could be dealt with. Something that we could get through together.

It didn’t stop the worry.

I hadn’t realised how tiring worry was. I have been exhausted. I didn’t think I would sleep this week but have been so tired I struggled to keep my eyes open!

Today, the scan started and we heard the heart beat for the 1st time. I could have cried again right then. I tried to relax. The specialist didn’t say anything for 27 minutes, Mr C must have been counting the seconds. The baby was scanned and measured from every angle. Everything was checked over and over again.

The stomach could be seen! It wasn’t there at 1st but throughout the scan it was seen to expand, meaning the baby was swallowing. You could see the relief in Mr C. I felt it too. If the stomach could be seen expanding then it ruled out some of the more serious issues.

My amniotic fluid is still high though which is still a worry. Not only can this cause premature labour, It can indicate a genetic problem, although they said it was highly unlikely as they could now see the stomach and everything else was present and measured ok and growth was on track. It could be that although baby is swallowing there could be a blockage and the baby could have tracheo-oesophageal fistula, which would require the baby to undergo surgery when it’s born. It could be that I’ve had an infection I didn’t know about or that I have gestational diabetes.

I have had the glucose test moved forward from March to tomorrow morning. I have to fast from 8 tonight.

This will sound ridiculous but I’m actually hoping I have gestational diabetes ’cause at least then I know why the fluid is high and I can deal with it. I know I will be well looked after. If it’s not that then there’s still the chance that the baby would be poorly when it’s born, I would also have the option of having an amniocentesis.

So for now, we’re only a little more wiser, but much more optimistic. The stomach was there!

Now I will be counting down the weeks, as I know the longer baby stays in there baking, the better chance he’ll have. Each week that goes by is a week closer to having baby arrive safe.

A day at a time from now though!

I’m sure this is not doing my blood pressure any good!







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