22 Weeks

Today I looked down and nearly couldn’t see my feet.


I had to stand up really straight and tilt my head slightly in order to sneak a little peek of my toes! This may have been cheating but they were still visible. Just.

The bump seems to have doubled overnight!

I’m only 22 weeks!

The woman in the greengrocers (I know greengrocers – I’m trying to shop local) at the weekend asked how long I had to go! Ages I said, and it is really I’m only just half way through.

I’m feeling much more positive than I was this time last week though. Gone is the initial panic about what might be, I’m much calmer at explaining what the complications currently are and what they could be going forward. I can talk about it without getting teary which is an improvement in itself!

I’ve been learning to love the bump. I was feeling pretty self conscious about my ever expanding waistline but after the stress of last week I suppose looking larger than my weeks is going to be something I’m just going to have to get used to and quickly! That’s what too much amniotic fluid will do. It’s also put  some things into perspective, I don’t want to have to think about defending my size.

I’m waiting to hear the results from my glucose test that I had on Friday. I had to fast for 12 hours, luckily through the night so I was mostly asleep, I still feel nauseous if I get too hungry and I like food. A Lot. The initial pin prick didn’t indicate a blood sugar issue so they took some blood, gave me a glucose drink and a drink of water and then I had to wait 2 hours to have more blood taken to be tested. Luckily I took the book I’m currently reading so the 2 hours went by quickly!

I had to rush from work to have my weekly bloody pressure check later that afternoon and unsurprisingly when I first walked in it was high. After having a chat with the nurse and calming down she retook it and luckily it was normal. I’m hoping that I can keep it this way. High blood pressure on top of everything else is no good for me or baby.

For now it’s a waiting game, the results of the glucose test will determine the next step. It would clear up why I have excess fluid. If I don’t have gestational diabetes, the cause of the excess fluid will still be a mystery, will lead to further test options and whether we need to be referred back to St Marys or whether we can continue under the watchful eye of our local maternity unit.

We shall wait and see.

I’ll continue to stay positive and continue to be proud the bump.

There is no way of disguising it any longer anyway!


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2 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. I’m 22 weeks tomorrow so we are due very similar times. Hope you get your results quickly xx

    1. Aww! I have the date of the 14th June, although they may bring that forward all depending how everything goes. Thank you, me too. They did say it would only be a coupe of days, doesn’t stop me checking my phone all day xx

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