Seeing the Consultant at 6 months

Just before Christmas it was time to go and see the consultant again. The knot in the pit of my stomach and the anxious feeling returned as the appointment got closer. It had done at his 3 months check. I realise how lucky we are daily but it’s so easy to forget that my little man has a brain injury. I’m always expecting to get to these appointments for them to spot something I’ve been missing and tell me his prognosis is wrong.

I don’t know why I worry, the fact that it’s easy to forget just proves that he is doing everything that other babies his age are. He’s sitting up by himself and can roll over now. Although only one way, he gets to him tummy but hasn’t worked out how to roll again yet. He will take his own weight on his feet. He’s enjoying food so we know he can taste, or he can’t as he seems to like everything. He picks things up and examines them, then shoves it in his mouth. His reactions are good. He recognises people and gives the biggest smiles. He finds things funny and will let you know if he’s not enjoying something.

It wasn’t a long appointment, he was weighed, (I’ve not been for ages, naughty mummy) measured and then they basically checked developmental markers. Does he react, is he starting to support himself, is he using both his hands to reach for things, is he recognising people.

The consultant was happy with his progress so far, his development is as it should be. It’s nice to be reassured what we already assume by an expert, it’s a little less to worry about. As he’s doing so well they’ve moved his appointment from every 3 months to every 6 which is good news. The next time we go he’ll have just turned 1! Eek!!



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