Caravanning Adventures

I’m in our caravan.

Did I tell you I own a touring caravan? No! I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it.

When I say I’m in the caravan, I am right now typing this but by the time you read this I’ll be at home, probably trying to get through ten ton of washing. There’s no phone signal, nevermind wifi at the precise moment of typing.

This weekend is the first weekend away in our caravan with the froglet. It’s also the first time we have come away in the caravan this year. We have come to a Haven site in the Lake District, it’s not too far to travel and if the weather is bad, which it can be at this time of year, then there’s lots of indoor things to do. Before we left we really weren’t sure whether his 10 month old self would enjoy it so much. He’s currently asleep in a, well cage really that my friends put together when they had the caravan and the munchkin has got in with us on the sleeping area at the front. So at least we got him to sleep, hopefully it will last until morning.

We have already had an awning disaster, I won’t bore you with the details but if we had been stopping longer than the weekend I have a sneaky suspicion Mr C might have cried.

We bought the caravan about 3 years ago from our friends. If I’m honest I really didn’t see myself as a caravanner. As a child I didn’t know anyone with a tourer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no snob, growing up we spent a lot of time in static caravans. Our neighbours owned one in Angelsey and we would often come to the lake district. To this site I’m on now actually, although it’s changed a lot over the years. It’s just I hadn’t ever seen myself as some one who could be bothered with the organisation of it all. Mr C had got it into his head that we needed a caravan so when the opportunity came up we went for it.

Now I love it!

Well, I love it when we’ve arrived and set up and I’m sat outside (or inside weather dependent) with a cold glass of alcoholic beverage in my hand. Before that, can be a little bit stressful and hectic, especially if there’s the construction of an awning involved and with a munchkin that wants to show every ‘new friend’ on the campsite the inside as you’re unpacking your underwear.

At first we stuck out like a sore thumb as being complete novices. The more we get away for the weekend the easier it become and we get used to things that we need. No longer do we think we need to eat off throw away plates, although easier not exactly environmentally friendly, and we are more adventurous with what we cook and with really making it into a little portable home.

It’s the being outside I enjoy and the quiet. I know, technically I’m not outside all of the time (and there is a show bar and arcade on this site a little walk away). The simplicity of allowing yourself the time to relax, to just sit. Without having to rush anywhere in particular.

You could say you could get relaxation in a five-star hotel, of course you can and I’m totally partial to a bit (lot) of luxury, I’m just not sure it’s the fresh air, sun on your skin, dirt on your feet type of relaxation touring offers.

Mr C struggles with the whole doing nothing thing, he’s always looking at a plan of something to do, but when we’re away he allows himself to just sit. It’s the only place he does it. It reminds him of being a kid. Touring gives kids a blank canvas to make their own fun, you can never be bored when you have nature and your imagination to entertain you.

We don’t bring a TV, the munchkin does bring a portable DVD thing that we let her watch if it’s really raining or if she wants a bit of quiet time and she has her iPad, which she’s been using as she’s lay in bed next to us but both things are never asked for during the day as she’s far too busy outside, on her bike, blowing bubbles, playing with a football, playing with her little figures. She’s very similar at home but there’s always the temptation of TV there isn’t there.

Caravanning is an adventure for her and it will be for the froglet, when he starts to realise what on earth is happening. It took him a little while this afternoon to get used to the grass on his feet. We have already created some fantastic memories whilst we’ve been away over the last 3 or so years and I know that will continue. When I’m sat outside our little home from home, watching the munchkin and now the froglet play, there’s really no place I’d rather be.


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13 thoughts on “Caravanning Adventures

    1. You should try a caravan holiday! The chalet will be fun, we’re staying in camping pods in August which I think are posh tents 🙂

  1. I’m a caravaner as well! Well technically my parents are but it’s the best form of camping! we have a static in North Yorks and I love it. It must be great to try different site and had a great time x

    1. It’s good to get around although the towing can sometimes be stressful if there’s a lot of country roads. We like trying different sites although sometimes the facilities aren’t the best, we make do for a weekend 🙂

  2. Now I know who to come to for caravan tips! We bought one last year and are supposed to be doing it up and keeping it near Abersoch – not sure if this will still happen but I’m determined to get at least a few stays in it with the kids xx

    1. I’m no expert, we really enjoy our weekends away. Hope you manage to get away in yours. I’ve heard really good things about Abersoch xx

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