I am the mum who …..

I was recently tagged by the lovely Claire at Six degrees of harmony to write an ‘I am the mum who…’ post. Ideas kept popping in my head for it so I thought it best to write them down quickly as I’m prone to forgetting these things. Thanks to Claire for the tag, I really enjoyed writing this.

I am the mum who

To Miss Munchkin and Master Froglet,

I am the mum who:

Didn’t know how full of love her heart was until you were both born.

Will steal the cake out of your party bags and eat it.

Turns the volume to full blast in the car so we can sing ‘All for Love’ at the top of our voices.

Will smoother you in kisses at breakfast club or anywhere else in public ‘cause I know although you act embarrassed you secretly love it.

Tries to balance giving you independence to explore the world, with the urge to keep you wrapped in cotton wool.

Moves your toys in the night so you believe they’re alive.

Makes songs up and sings along to the radio badly but doesn’t care how out of tune I am or how many times you tell me to stop joining in with Let it go.

Cannot cope with sick, if you’re sick in the night I will wake your daddy up to deal with it.

Wants to harm anyone who upsets you.

Will teach you both how to laugh at yourselves.

Cries. When you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re excited and a for a whole host of other reasons, I just can’t help filling up.

Nearly died giving birth to one of you and will remind you regularly at Mothers day, my birthday and Christmas.

Will have a disco anywhere and will dance in the house or a supermarket, street or in the car even if there’s no music.

Loves you always, even when you’re not listening and airing on the side of naughty or up 100 times in the night.

Dreams big for both of you and will make sure you both have the confidence to believe you can achieve, be, do (within reason) whatever you want to.

Encourages you to shout bogies out of the car window at pedestrians ‘cause it makes us laugh.

Won’t always get it right.

Will never stop hearing you. Your stories, your whining (although it drives me up the wall) your singing, your tales from school, your questions, your secrets, your cute baby babbling.

Tries to answer you as honestly as I can when you ask me a question and will not dumb things down but explain in a way you will understand.

Sometimes just needs a night out, more often than not it will involve alcohol and childish behaviour with my friends.

Smiles when people say you’re spirited, even if they probably don’t mean it as a compliment.

Sometimes has a short fuse and always regrets shouting as soon as it’s happened.

Will always worry about you but I’ll try to not let it show so it never holds you back.

Wants your lives to be full of adventure, love and laughter. So your childhood memories are filled with happiness.

Says no too much too quickly but promises to work on it.

Thinks there are no 2 other children with brighter smiles and happy faces.

Is enormously proud of you both already and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Knows how lucky I am to have you both.

Can’t remember what life was like without you both and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Diary of a FBG and her children
Me & My 2


I’m not tagging anybody in particular, if you’ve read this and would like to join in why not write an ‘I am the mum who…’ post, tag me in so I can read it. If you’re not a blogger, when not write one anyway to your kids. I’d love to read/hear what you’d put.



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4 thoughts on “I am the mum who …..

  1. Lovely list. I’ve been tagged to do one of these. There is something about them that just makes you soppy! I love that you move their toys so they think they are alive! Genius! X Lucy@bottlefor2

  2. This is lovely. I know I am hearing about a real person when you talk about stealing the cake out of their party bags and move toys to make them think they are alive. We have to have our own fun. #PoCoLo

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