Must’ve been a Wednesday

I can’t remember the date we first kissed

Is that a date I should remember?

We were friends for so long before that moment

You were the cheeky one who would make me laugh

Nothing more at the time.

It was so, insignificant

Just a quick snog outside the venue.

I didn’t know it would lead to


Now this date is the most important date

And I can’t remember it.

I know it was at this time of year

Just before you broke your jaw

I was supposed to be, maybe, seeing you

You’d chipped your tooth, you thought, and didn’t feel too good.

I can’t remember the game.

I heard that story so many times


I can’t remember who you were playing against when you did it.

Now that’s the most important thing I need to know

‘Cause one day I’ll want to tell the kids

I’ll want them to know everything and I can’t remember.

You’re not here to ask.

I want you to be here to ask.

You see I could work out the date if I knew who it was you played

Or what date you played.

I could work it back

It was a Wednesday

It had to be a Wednesday

Only ever a Wednesday in the venue.

I’ve never known the date

We could never remember

‘Oh it’s around this time of year’

A few weeks before your birthday.

I always assumed it was a couple of weeks but now I’m questioning whether it was more.

I walked round Home Bargains looking to get you a little something

But not a lot ’cause we weren’t actually together

Not boyfriend girlfriend yet

And I was a student so had not a lot of money for my friend I’d only kissed once on a Wednesday.

I decided against sweets

How can someone with a broken jaw chew sweets!

Valentines day was on a Saturday

You dragged me up to Ulverston to watch your rugby team play.

It was snowing

And freezing

I only had a hoodie on

You’d said that would be enough.

I’d never watched a game of rugby before

I had no idea what was going on, or who anyone was

Later on we went to a Valentines disco the club had organised

We danced

Well swayed to the music

You were never a very good dancer

More Bez style arm waving than any real rhythm.

You with your broken jaw

Laughed as you whispered, ‘These think we’re proper boyfriend and girlfriend’

And I smiled

‘Cause we weren’t, but that was the happiest I’d remembered feeling in such a long time.

We’d had one kiss

A random snog outside the venue a few weeks before

I hadn’t even really fancied you.

Then you’d broke your jaw

And you became my best friend.

I can’t remember the date.

It was a Wednesday

It had to be a Wednesday.

A random Wednesday in the venue

A few weeks before your birthday

Maybe a couple before you broke your jaw

Around this time of year

16 years ago.

16 years.

I miss you

And all of me hurts.

I just want to be able to ask you the date

An insignificant date

A date that has never mattered to me before.

A date I can’t remember

We could never remember

I never want to forget.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

6 thoughts on “Must’ve been a Wednesday

  1. Oh Becky. That date doesn’t matter, the love in that story is what matters. It’s where you as a couple and your family began and I cannot imagine how you feel but sending love your way x

  2. Beautiful Becky, something will help you remember I’m sure although you are probably already right with a Wednesday. God bless you lovely, sending love ❤️ Xxx

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